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Yoga for Singers Workshop Aug. 20

● What would it feel like and sound like to sing with every cell of your body participating? Often a person’s energy is blocked in a particular area of the body. This work clears the seven major energy centers of the body known in yoga as the chakras. Amateur and professional voice users alike will have a renewed, free, relaxed and powerful new experience of their voice.

● The workshop is much more than just asanas (physical postures). Asana work is included and accommodates all fitness levels.

● Multiple yoga elements are combined. Including experiences in: Bija Mantras (ancient Sanskrit chants), Hand Mudras (yoga hand positions), Yoga Elements (fire, earth, etc.), Vowel work, Pitched Keynote Exercises, Chakra Qualities and Vocalises.

● This work is the result of a lifetime of singing and yoga and is applicable to the spoken voice as well as singing.

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July 3, 2017 · 9:02 am