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Children’s Theatre presents AESOP, COME BACK! Aug. 17–19


Bellevue Society for the Arts’ Children’s Theatre presents, AESOP, COME BACK!, by Joshua Mikel, Friday and Saturday, August 17 and 18 at 7:30 p.m., and Sunday, August 19 at 2:30 p.m. in the Hirt Theater at 205 Maple Street, Bellevue.

In an attempt to prove that Aesop was history’s greatest fabulist, a group of storytellers cracks the spine of a massive edition of Aesop’s Fables, releasing the old man’s most memorable characters into the theater. The Tortoise, the Hare, the Hart, the Vines, the Simpletons, the Fox, the Lion, the Mouse, and a certain golden egg-laying Goose all take the stage, delightfully re-imagined; the Tellers alternate between narrating and joining the action. Bristling with comic energy, this play caters to a large cast and is perfect for audiences of all ages.

AESOP, COME BACK! is directed by Juliet Russell of Bellevue. Student/Assistant/Music Director is Joshua K. Higgins of Bellevue, who has also composed some original music for the production. It is sponsored by Bellevue Kiwanis, Bellevue Lions Club. It is produced with special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc.

The cast of AESOP, COME BACK!
Teller 1 — Samuel Coffelt
Teller 2 — Abigail Espinosa
Teller 2 — Sadie Stephenson
Teller 3 — Reese Willis
Teller 4 — Karlie Franks
Teller 5 — Abigail Fowler
Teller 5 — Ava Duffield
Teller 6 — Sage Middleswarth
Teller 7 — Andrew Higgins
Teller 7 — Naomi Gilbert
Teller — Nathan Shanaman
Teller — Hadleigh Lerch

The Tortoise and the Hare
The Tortoise — Logan Buck
The Hare — Lily Sosa
The Badger — Emma Childers
The Coyote — Addison Riehl
The Crane — Aubrey Duncan
Various Other Animal Cronies — Nataleighann Baker, Lyllian Fasbender, Naomi Gilbert, Lianna Sosa, Penelope ‘Pip’ Pifer, Andrew Higgins, Cora Sooy, Chai Lane Ruffing, AhnaLiegh Lerch, Wyatt Shumway

The Shady Songsters
Soloist — Nathan Shanaman

The Hart and the Vine
Pip — Penelope ‘Pip’ Pifer
Max — Guinness Paul Ruffing
Louise — Jocelyn Tritch
Hank — Andrew Higgins
Burt — Abigail Espinosa
Vine 1 — Wyatt Shumway
Vine 2 — Chai Lane Ruffing
Vine 3 — Nataleighann Baker
Vine 4 — Lyllian Fasbender
Vine 5 — Lianna Sosa
Vine 6 — AhnaLiegh Lerch

The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs
The Goose — Cora Sooy
The Simpleton — Samuel Coffelt
The Simpleton’s Wife — Ava Duffield
Merchant 1 — Sadie Stephenson
Merchant 2 — Jocylyn Tritch
Merchant 3 — Penelope ‘Pip’ Pifer

The Woodcutter and the Mermaid
The Lazy Woodsman — Guinness Paul Ruffing
The Honest Woodsman — Nathan Shanaman
Mermaid 1 — Reese Willis
Mermaid 2 — Hadleigh Lerch
Mermaid 3 — Naomi Gilbert
Mermaid — Karlie Franks
Mermaid — AhnaLeigh Lerch

The Fox and the Crow
The Fox — Karlie Franks
The Crow — Abigail Fowler
The Candy Peddler— Abigail Espinosa
The Ice Cream Peddler — Jocylyn Tritch
The Pie Peddler — Sage Middleswarth

The Lion and the Mouse
The Lion — Samuel Coffelt
The Mouse — Sage Middleswarth
Hunter 1 — Abigail Fowler
Hunter 2 — Ava Duffield
Hunter 3 — Nathan Shanaman
Mouse 1 — Wyatt Shumway
Mouse 2 — Cora Sooy
Mouse 3 — Chai Lane Ruffing
Mouse 4 — Lianna Sosa
Mouse 5 — Lyllian Fasbender
Mouse 6 — Nataleighann Baker
Mouse 7 — AhnaLeigh Lerch

Bellevue Society for the Arts’ Children’s Theatre is open to all children, ages 7–12, in any school system.

Tickets are $12 for adults 18+ and $8 for adults 60+/children/students through grade 12. Call 419-484-2787 for reservations.

Like Children’s Theatre of Bellevue Society for the Arts on Facebook. Follow Bellevue Society for the Arts on Twitter and Instagram.


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Be a 2018–19 season sponsor!

be-a-sponsorWant to sponsor a show for our upcoming 2018–19 season?

Your sponsorship helps pay for production costs — scripts, music, royalties, sets, costumes, and props. In return, you and/or your organization will receive recognition…
• in all advertising, including posters, newspapers, and TV and radio, if applicable
• on our website and all of our social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)
• in a full-page program ad for the rest of our season

Check our schedule, pick a show, and contact us as soon as possible. The sooner we receive your sponsorship, the sooner your organization can gain recognition as a patron of the arts by local audiences!

We also offer a Music Patron option. Your contribution will allow us to feature a live orchestra for our musical productions, when possible.

Call 419-484-2787, Direct Message Bellevue Society for the Arts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or email

Shows available for sponsorship:
MAKING GOD LAUGH (Family Holiday Comedy)
Teen Theatre’s THE WEDDING SINGER (Musical Comedy)
2019 Children’s Theatre TBA

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