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The cast of Children’s Theatre’s THE WIZARD OF OZ (YOUNG PERFORMERS’ EDITION)

Director Juliet Russell is pleased to announce the cast of THE WIZARD OF OZ (YOUNG PERFORMERS’ EDITION).

Please note, there will be a parent meeting and first read-through this Monday, Jan. 17 from 6–7:30 p.m. at BSA, 205 Maple St.

ZACHARY ADKINS — Winged Monkey/Munchkin
MIRANDA BAKER — Jitterbug/Munchkin/Ozian
NATALIEGHANN BAKER — Munchkin/Jitterbug/Ozian
BRYNN BELLAMY — Winged Monkeys/Munchkin/Jitterbug
CYLER BELLAMY — Lollipop #3 (Tough Kid)/Winged Monkey/Jitterbug
AMBER BISCHOFF — Aunt Em (Dorothy Understudy)
TAYAH BUMB — Winkie Guard/Munchkin
JESSICA CHAPPELL — City Father #2/Oz Townspeople (Aunt Em Understudy)
EMMA CHILDERS — Crows/Oz Woman/Munchkin/Optimistic Voices/Jitterbug (Scarecrow Understudy)
AARON CHRISTOPHEL — Apple Tree #3/Oz Townsperson
REAGAN CLARK — Miss Gulch (Wicked Witch Understudy)/Jitterbug/Ozian/Optimistic Voices
BRAXTON DAVID — Winkie Guard Leader/Munchkin (Uncle Henry Understudy)
REESE DENNINGS — Munchkin/Jitterbug/Ozian
AVA DUFFIELD — Professor Marvel/Oz
LIAM DUFFIELD — Winged Monkey/Munchkin
ABEL DUGGER — Winged Monkey/Munchkin/Crow
ANNABELLA ESPINOSA — Jitterbug/Ozian/Optimistic Voices
SAVANNAH FRANCIS — Apple Tree #1/Oz Townsperson/Jitterbug
KALEB FRANKS — Lollipop #1 (Tough Kid)/Nikko, Leader of the Winged Monkeys
KAMBRIE FRANKS — Munchkin/Ozian
KARLIE FRANKS — Tin Man/Hickory
ADDISON FROST — Apple Tree/Winkie Guard
AUBRIE GADDY — Munchkin/Ozian
MACKENZIE GADDY — Munchkin/Ozian/Winkie Guard
BLAINE GORE — Winged Monkey/Munchkin/Crow
LAIRD GORE — Winkie Guard/Munchkin
TARYN GORE — Lullaby Kid 1 (Tot)/Jitterbug
ALEXIS HAMONS — Winkie Guard/Munchkin
EMMA HARTMAN — City Father #1/Oz Townsperson
JOEL HENDERSON — Coroner/Jitterbug/Optimistic Voices
KHLOE HERMAN — Crow/Ozian/Munchkin/Optimistic Voices/Jitterbug (Tin Man Understudy)
JOHN HESCH — Rowboat Man #1/Munchkin/Oz Townsperson/Crow
BAYLIE JARRETT — Crow/Winkie Guard/Munchkin
RYLEIGH JORDAN — Crow/Oz Townsperson
JESSAMINE JUMP — Munchkin/Ozian/Winged Monkey
ALEX LOCHOTZKI — Jitterbugs/Ozian/Optimistic Voices
AVA LOCHOTZKI — Lullaby Kid 3 (Tot)/Oz Townsperson
AUDRIE MALTESE-GARCIA — Apple Tree #2/Oz Townsperson
CHASE MILLS — Winkie Guard/Munchkin/Ozian (Professor Oz Understudy)
NAVADIE MUNIZ — Winkie Guard/Munchkin
HONOR NATOLE — Winged Monkey/Munchkin
SUNDAY NATOLE — Lollipop #2 (Tough Kid)Munchkin/Jitterbug/Ozian
ADDISON PICKENS — Apple Tree/Winkie Guard
PENELOPE PIFER — Jitterbug/Munchkin
ASHLYNN REESE — Jitterbug/Munchkin
JORDYN ROBINSON — Barrister/Oz Townsperson (Glinda Understudy)
LONDYN ROBINSON — Lullaby Kid 2 (Tot)/Oz Townsperson
TAYLOR SCHLOSSER — Wicked Witch (Mrs. Gulch Understudy)
NATHAN SHANAMAN — Scarecrow/Hunk
SADIELINN SHUMWAY — Jitterbug/Munchkin/Ozian
IAN STRAUSBAUGH — Winkie Guard/Munchkin
JOCELYN TRITCH — Rowboat Man #2/Munchkin/Oz Townsperson
EVANGELINE VENTURA — Jitterbug/Munchkin
KYLIE WHITHER — Mayor/Oz Door Guard/Jitterbug/Optimistic Voices (Lion Understudy)
REESE WILLIS — Crows/Oz Townsperson/Jitterbug

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