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The Bellevue Society for the Arts board members would like to partner with you! As a 501c3, The Bellevue Society for the Arts — BSA — was established to provide opportunities and entertainment for all ages that are affordable and accessible to everyone. As you know, many entertainment venues have been closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We at the BSA have been significantly impacted by this closure. Normally by this time of year we have had seven Cabaret performances, a Tween Production, a Teen Production, two open productions, multiple hall rentals, and private instruction to provide income. The Bellevue Society for the Arts has just recently been able to reopen for limited use; some private lessons and a couple hall rentals.

It is our greatest fear that we will not be able to survive until the reopening process begins. We are urgently seeking support from our community. We have always been able to count on our patrons to pack the house and provide support for all of our performers. We humbly ask that you consider making a donation on behalf of the BSA so that we can continue to provide opportunities, education, entertainment, team building, personal growth and so much more for all who are part of the BSA family. All contributions are tax deductible. Thank you in advance for your support.

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