We’re in this together

We await information from Ohio’s leadership regarding when we would be permitted to present theatre and our cabarets. If we find out we are allowed to, it still leaves us with the decision of should we? We have a very conservative attitude about protecting our children, our tweens, our teens, our adults, our renters, and our audiences.

Perhaps we should allow local churches and schools to take the lead in making these decisions. Maybe this is ducking the issue, but we are a much smaller segment of local society than churches and schools. They get paid to make the tough decisions; we do it for personal satisfaction.

We realize there is much impatience. We’re all tired of staying at home and wondering when things will straighten out. As it says on the sign in front of the BSA, “We are all in this together.” That slogan does not offer much comfort and even less information, but it’s all we can offer until there are official decisions.

Stay tuned. The show(s) will go on.

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