The cast of Tween Theatre’s JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH JR.

Director Cheryl Hansen-Showalter has announced the cast of Tween Theatre’s JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH JR.

Ladahlord — Jackson Smith
James — Reagan Smith/Kadin Dugger
Ladybug — Zoe Holland
Grasshopper — Clayton Sooy
Spider — Jenna Yost/Delinda Gore
Earthworm — Matthew Higgins
Centipede — Noelle Showalter/Katelynn Showalter
Aunt Spiker — Eden Sheidler
Aunt Sponge — Shayleigh Foreman
Matron Nurse — Kendall Kelley/Eva Hancock
Mr. Trotter — Isaac Carson
Mrs. Trotter — Gabby Russell
Billy Bobby-Cop — Nathan Shanaman
Bobby Bobby-Cop — Karlie Franks
Ida Walters — Kenzie Franks/Taylor Schlosser
Bitsy Botana — Daphne Holland
Buzz Reporter — Aidan Kaufman
Willy Wonka — Isaac Carson
Doreen Driggles — Fiona Shella
Ridgley Rapscallion — Aiden Kaufman
Violet Funkschmeller — Gracie Missler
Chris Cryermouth — AJ Reineck
Lucille Van Kooglestein — Madison Cassell
Bunny McKenzie — Meadow Maslinski
Ladies Garden Guild — Ava Duffield, Sadie Stephenson, Abigail Espinosa

There are many chorus parts which will be assigned.

Based on one of Roald Dahl’s most poignantly quirky stories, JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH JR. is a brand new take on this “masterpeach” of a tale. Featuring a wickedly tuneful score and a witty and charming book, this adventurous musical about courage and self-discovery is destined to be a classic.

When James is sent by his conniving aunts to chop down their old fruit tree, he discovers a magic potion that grows a tremendous peach, rolls into the ocean and launches a journey of enormous proportions. James befriends a collection of singing insects that ride the giant piece of fruit across the ocean, facing hunger, sharks and plenty of disagreements along the way.

JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH JR. is being presented March 1, 2, 3, 8, 9 and 10, 2019 in the Hirt Theater at Bellevue Society for the Arts, 205 Maple Street. It is being directed by Cheryl Hansen-Showalter (Bellevue). Music Director is Michael Sooy (Old Fort). It is sponsored by Cornerstone Counseling.

BSA’s Tween Theatre is open to all children, ages 10–15, in any school system.

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